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We would like to introduce you to Total Care Providers, a reputed healthcare company in Sydney providing an array of staffing solution to meet your varied needs. 

Total Care Providers houses the most experienced professionals in the healthcare industry to assist its clients. The employed are highly skilled and technically trained and comprise nurses, assistants and personal care/domestic workers.


We are committed to offering you with best quality services, and our highly skilled and compassionate group of service providers ensure that you get can accomplish your tasks effectively. Besides, as a renowned healthcare company in Sydney, we are partners with Sydney-based INT (International) Nurse Training, a registered training organisation to provide specialised training to our staff. To ensure that our staffs are up to date with the current practices, we train them online through simulated and practical live learning environments. We also ensure that the learners receive the best education and training possible to serve those utilising Total Care Providers.

We provide professionals to assist our clients who qualify under the NDIS scheme. Our professionals assess the requirements of the clients, and based on them, they customise the services. A disabled person can face different types of problems and assisting them requires knowledge and expertise. However, we employ professionals who have the necessary experience. At the same time, we also provide them with further training so that they can assist their clients better. At Total Care Providers, we aim to satisfy our customers with our services. For this, we always assess the feedback and suggestions of our clients to improve our services.

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