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Total Care Providers is also a family owned and run business. We value YOU! We pride ourselves on taking the time to get to know every individual. You aren’t just another client or number in our books. We want to make sure you have the best carer, the best experience and that you feel comfortable talking about all your needs and wants. 

Total Care Providers is founded by CEO Sarita Mudaliar, who also founded INT Nurse Training – a successful registered training organisation specialising in disability and nursing care. INT Nurse Training provides training and education to students who become qualified individuals that we are able to hire as our support workers.

This puts Total Care Providers in a unique position. We know our support workers well and we hand pick the ones we believe will be best suited towards you and your client!

We have the ability to provide further specialised education and training to any support workers who are working with higher intensity clients, who require updated knowledge and for those who wish to learn more. 

And we can guarantee that all your carers will be highly trained and come ready with all the required knowledge and skills to assist you.

Some of these courses include: 

First aid courses and CPR 

Manual Handling Training 

Infection Prevention and control 

Medication management 

Currently, there is a shortage of workers everywhere and we understand that – it’s hard to get the services you need, when you need it. Which is another reason why this partnership with INT Nurse Training puts Total Care Providers in a unique position – We have trained workers ready to go, all the time! And all our staff are a variety of ages, come with varied levels of experience and are of various backgrounds and can speak different languages. 


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INT Nurse Training Pty Ltd was built on the passion of its CEO and founder, Mrs Sarita Mudaliar (RN) and her desire to produce professional, highly skilled and quality trained nursing staff for the health and care sectors in our community. The desire extends to a vision for those graduates to become long term, enduring professionals, with a career in nursing and a pathway to higher level study, including Nursing Registration. INT Nurse Training will strive to be recognised as a leader of quality education in the health and care sectors, who keep patient-centred care and the health of society at the forefront of its values.

Nursing care for those in need in our broader community, are skills which are in increasing demand, from an industry which in turn demands only the best trained and most skilled workers, with an empathy for looking after the sick, injured, frail and aged. This is a very rewarding career with many specialised options and pathways, as you have a real impact on people’s lives every day.

You can find out more about INT Nurse Training at the following website: